What Does Diamond Cut Mean: All You Need To Know

Most of us know that diamonds and other precious stones, like sapphire or emerald, are cut into extremely specific slices in order to display a particular quality and shape. But what do these intricate cuts mean? Take a look at what “diamond cut” actually means and find out!

The Diamond Cut: Understand What Does It Mean to Buy Jewellery

What does diamond cut mean when you are buying jewellery? In short, the diamond cut determines how many facets the diamond has and consequently affects its beauty, durability, fire and brightness. What follows is an outline of what each facet entails.

1. The diamond’s depth (or height) refers to the number of cuts that the diamond underwent at the point of production. A shallow cut allows more light into the diamond and results in a higher clarity level and bluer colour. A deep cut results in a lower clarity level and a darker colour. 

2. The diamond’s angles refer to how sharply the angles of the diamond’s faces are cut. A rounded face gives a more feminine appearance while a more angular face is tougher and appears more masculine.\r

3. The diamond’s crown refers to the point on top of the diamond where it was most finely machined. It generally has fewer blemishes than any other part of the diamond.\r

4. The bow refers to a band of extra material around the centre of the diamond created during the cutting process to protect it from being damaged whilst it is being mounted on jewellery.

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Where the Diamond Cut Comes From?

Diamond cuts are one of the most important factors when purchasing a man made diamonds UK. They can determine the worth, sparkle, and durability of your diamond. Here’s what you need to know about diamond cuts.

The diamond cut is the shape of the diamond. The four main types of diamond cuts are the round, Oval, Pear, and Princess Cut. Each has its own unique characteristics that affect a diamond’s ability to sparkle and last. For example, round diamonds are typically more affordable and less sparkly than other cuts.

The three most common diamond cuts are the Round, Oval, and Pear shapes. A fourth cut, called the Princess Cut, is made only on exceptionally fancy diamonds. Each of these shapes is divided into smaller subcategories based on how sharply or gently the cutter has shaped the diamond.

Subcategories include the following: Round Diamonds: The most common diamond shape and typically the least expensive. The round shape is created by slightly rounding off the sides of the stone. This makes it easier for light to enter and bounce around the diamond, giving it a brighter appearance. 

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